How to use your credit card to pay for you order with Bitcoins.

You Can Buy Bitcoins From:

STEP 1: Go to Changelly website

STEP 2 : Go to the home page and select USD on the left and the crysto currency you want to to buy ( it this case bitcoin BTC). State the amount in usd you intend to exchange.

Here is the screen where you need to place all the necessary information

STEP 3: Click Buy BTC Now…

Here is the screen where you need to verify the information and amounts are correct.

Click Next Step and Click Pay with Visa / Master Card

STEP 4: Insert ( copy and paste) the Bitcoin wallet address you got from our website in the bitcoin address space as shown below And click continue.


If it’s your first time to use the website, you will need to verify your payment details . the verification process it easy and fast .

  • Enter your payment details and click pay now .
  • Verification is done by taking a selfie of you holding your bank card in your hand. For your safety, please cover the middle 8 digits with your fingers.

STEP 6 : Now wait until your verification is complete. Immediately your verification is complete, Your payment will be processed by via simplex and you will get BTC in your destination wallet which you copied from our website.