Bruce Banner Shatter (Pie Eye Extracts)


Bruce Banner Shatter is indica-dominant hybrid strain that give you great body buzz $ feeling of relaxation. the sativa in it promises feelings of euphoria



Bruce Banner Shatter, made by Pie Eye Extracts, is a top notch strain option from a great producer making great product from award winning flowers. Bruce Banner is a indica-dominant hybrid strain that give you a great body buzz and feeling of relaxation. the sativa in this strain promises feelings of euphoria and creativity. Pie Eye Extracts offers smooth taste and high potency in all their products. These shatters are double distilled “5(9)” 99.999% pure “n” Butane, made in a custom “passive” closed loop system, and de-waxed at subzero temperatures. They are dry scroll purged for a minimum of 92 hours using a cascade botanical tvo-5. For your dabbing pleasure, try this new product by Pie Eye Extracts.

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Creative, euphoric, relaxed body




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