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Pink Paradise Cannabis Caps that everyone is talking about! These little beauties each pack a solid 35mg dose of THC and 1.1mg of CBD. 100% organic. No solvents, no bacteria, no chemicals. The experience is a gentle, relaxing body high and slight mood lift and cerebral tingle. The perfect way to spend an evening with a movie, a couch and a bowl of popcorn — followed by a great night’s sleep. The Pink Paradise Cannabis Caps have 35mg THC, 3.67mg CBD, and 1.10mg CBN, said to be free of solvents, bacteria, molds, and pesticides. The latter part is important, the former is intriguing. It’s a decent amount of THC; decent in that it is more than someone new to THC should have without care. It can be much. Also the CBD amount is higher than most non-CBD focused products. CBD reacts with the same endocannabinoid receptors as THC. This slows down the THC from overwhelming you, hopefully, and prolongs the effect because the THC has to wait. Note: This is what the current literature suggests, more research is always needed. CBN is cannabinol. CBD is cannabidiol. CBN’s main positive effect is to cause sleepiness. It is slightly psychoactive, 10% the level of THC. CBN is produce from the oxidative degradation of THC. That sounds bad. It is bad if you do not want CBN. Some makers of edibles, or concentrates, for insomnia age their cannabis in order to produce CBN. In high amounts, CBN can produce uncomfortableness in the high. In addition things like dizziness or grogginess. There isn’t enough CBN in these capsules to generate those negative effects. I experienced no dizziness or grogginess. CBN is also an appetite stimulant. But, CBD is an appetite suppressant. But, THC is an appetite stimulant. CBD is known to be more relaxing. Therefore it is non-psychoactive and tends to counteract anxiety caused by THC and anxiety in general. It is consider anti-inflammatory and a myriad of possible benefits are being explored. The way in which all the different cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, etc) affect the body at different ratios is not fully understood. I can only give my experience. Safety Sealed Jars. Each Capsule Contains. 35 mg THC 3.67 mg CBD 1.10 mg CBN Oil is RSO full extract. Capsules come in 7’s, 14’s and 30 count. Takes approx 3 hours for effect. *NOTE: If you are not experience with edibles, 35mg could be a strong dose for you. Please consume responsibly.


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